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We are firmly rooted in the Black Forest – our home is therefore also part of our name Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients. The production site of Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients is in Offenburg and thus in the Black Forest.

You have specific requirements for your fermented dry products: We meet these with our formula for success for the highest quality and maximum individuality. In this way, you receive powder mixtures with an exceptional character in terms of taste, solubility and many other quality requirements. In this way, we ensure that your products have a very personal touch – if desired, of course, also Kosher or Halal certified.

Application areas
Best powder quality for your products

At Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients, you can choose from an attractive premium portfolio of fermented milk powder products for baked goods, snack items, raw mixes, chocolate, ice cream, sugar items and much more. With our decades of experience in the field of acidified products, you get a wide range that meets your exact requirements with consumer-friendly packaging and application-oriented properties.

Baked goods

The range of fine baked goods is growing continuously – accordingly, we regularly expand our range of Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients, for example for cakes, waffles, biscuits and biscuits, rusks or crispbread. Our quark powder gives a special touch to quark cakes, cheese cream cakes and quark stollen, and it also improves the freshness of quark bread.


Confectionery and sugar products must have a convincing taste with a strong character – but they must not be too sweet: Our various Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients ensure a well-balanced taste experience. For example, our yoghurt powder is used as a filling in biscuits, chocolates, pralines and wafers, and it is also an important ingredient in yoghurt bread. Various Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients from our portfolio are used for the production of chocolate goods, chocolates, chewing gums, sweets, dragées, caramel and marzipan products.

Ice cream

Creamy and fresh – this is how ice cream products literally melt in your mouth. This is ensured by our cream powders and yoghurt powders, which can be used for various ice cream mixes and give your products a special taste.


Dressings can be sweet, spicy or savoury. This is why we always offer you the right Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredient for the various types of flavour. Our milk, cream, yoghurt and sour cream powders, for example, are used for sweet toppings, marinades, seasoning blends, crisps and snacks.

Further uses

Our Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients convince customers because of their high quality, long storage life and excellent flavour. In addition, we will for example take into consideration the specific demands and statutory requirements for use in the pharmaceutical field.

The supporting pillars
of our expertise

Every product is different from the others. Each industry has its own specific characteristics. Every country has its own rules and regulations. In addition, there are always new requirements and special wishes for fermented dry products: Our success in these diverse challenges is based on our individual focus, high quality perception and great innovative strength – the pillars of our competence.

Individual focus

The consistent focus on the needs of our industrial customers has distinguished us for many years. It is important that our experts always have an open ear for you: In technical dialogue, at trade fairs and in personal contact, we are happy to receive praise – but we also use the constructive exchange for product innovations and optimisations entirely in your interest.

Strength in innovation

Based on sound trend and market research, we have developed great innovative strength. This enables us to react quickly to new developments, act proactively and launch new products on the market at the right time. You benefit from this because it means that your new products are also right on trend.

High degree of quality identification

Our Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients are an equally important and decisive factor for the quality of your products. All members of our team are very aware of this responsibility: that is why we pay attention to maximum quality in every detail of all fermented dry products – from the intensive microbiological testing of the raw material milk to the delivery of the finished powder.

Monitored production

In our Offenburg drying plant, we produce sweet and sour milk powder products as well as various non-dairy food products in several drying towers. Drying in the towers is controlled by a modern process control system and monitored by a responsible tower operator. Homogeneous mixtures are produced from different milk powders in mixing silos that hold several tonnes. They are then pumped into powder silos or to filling stations. Every process is carefully controlled. People and machines, hardware and software: all go into action perfectly coordinated to ensure the highest quality in production at all times.

Perfect packaging

If you want to test a new product, you only need smaller quantities of fermented dry products in the first step. When another of your products establishes itself on the market, large quantities of Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients are required for its production: that’s why we offer customised solutions with different packaging sizes in the form of 25 kg bags, 1,000 kg big bags or 25,000 kg silo trains.

Certificates & quality seals
Our certified top quality

We, Schwarzwaldmilch GmbH Offenburg, pay attention to compliance with specific guidelines and legal requirements down to the last detail. This is documented by our certifications. Some of our products have Kosher and Halal status from the following certification bodies: Kosher – London Beth Din, Halal – Halal Control.

FSSC 22000

For guaranteed food safety.

Kosher and Halal

Products for world-wide use.


In compliance with the Deutsche Lebensmittelgesellschaft (German Food Association), all our products are tested neutrally and independently with regard to their quality.
This testing has already led to us receiving several awards.


Reliably from organic farming according to EU definition.

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Here, Europe invests in rural areas with funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg and the federal government.

Our company is supported in its investment projects with the participation of the EAFRD.

The following objectives, among others, are to be achieved through the supported projects of the Measures and Development Plan for Rural Areas in Baden-Württemberg 2014 – 2020 (MEPL III):

  • Alignment of processing and marketing with market requirements;
  • Rationalisation of processing and marketing processes;
  • Improvement of product and process quality – also through innovations;
  • Contribution to environmental protection;

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