Manufacturing information


Only plant-based products are used in the production of our oat drink powder. The finished product is therefore suitable for a vegan diet. This product deliberately does not contain any food of animal origin.


Gluten free

Gluten is a natural protein that occurs in wheat, rye, spelt, barley, etc. Some people have an intolerance to gluten (also known as the chronic disease “coeliac disease”). Oats do not naturally contain gluten. However, commercial oats and oat products are usually not gluten-free. This is because there is often contamination from gluten-containing grains both in cultivation and in the supply chain. We ensure that every step of the oat cultivation, harvesting, processing and packaging chain is strictly controlled to guarantee that no other grains are found in the oats. Only through these thorough examinations can our oat drink powder call itself gluten-free.



This process step is indispensable because it is the only way to make the oat drink drinkable. The starch is broken down in the process, which creates the natural sweetness. This means that there is no need for an additional sugar dosage in the further process. The oats are mixed with water and enzyme and fermented. The solid oat components are then separated, concentrated and spray-dried.