Quark (curd cheese) powder

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Quark (curd cheese) powder

In the production of our quark powder, we place a high value on selected ingredients and a stringent production chain. For our quark powder, we use fresh skimmed milk quark. The milk comes from our Schwarzwaldmilch farmers in the Black Forest.

We use only carefully selected quark cultures to ferment our quark powders. A special fermentation process and subsequent careful drying produces unique quark powder qualities. You can choose from quark powders with varying protein contents.

Product Portfolio

Skimmed milk quark powder 35 % protein
Skimmed milk quark powder 50 % protein
Skimmed milk quark powder 65 % protein
Further individual qualities are available on request


All our quark powders have kosher/halal status certified by the following bodies:

Kosher (London Beth Din)

Halal (Halal Control)

5001 9001 14001 FSSC HALAL KLBD FAMI


Our quark powders are available in various packaging sizes:

25 kg sacks

1,000 kg Big Bags