Yoghurt powder

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Yoghurt powder

From intense to aromatic, from mild to creamy: Thanks to the exceptional variety of flavour profiles at Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients, we can offer you exactly the right yoghurt powder for your individual requirements.

The secret of our great variety of products and their unique quality is the special fermentation process. Carefully selected yoghurt cultures create different sensory properties. The subsequent careful drying process results in yoghurt powder products with a definite character in the versions of skimmed milk yoghurt powder, whole milk yoghurt powder and cream yoghurt powder. 

The especially large variety of yoghurt powders opens up a wide field of possible applications for you. They are an important ingredient for fillings in chocolate and chocolate mixtures, in ice creams, glazes and icing or in baked goods. Yoghurt powders can be easily integrated into formulas and can be blended both with other powder products and with liquid ingredients. A further quality feature is their long storage life.

Product Portfolio

Skimmed milk yoghurt powder pH 4.3-5.5 (various qualities, can be continuously adjusted)
Whole milk yoghurt powder 26 % fat
Cream yoghurt powder 42 % fat
Further individual qualities are available on request


All our yoghurt powders have kosher/halal status certified by the following bodies:

Kosher (London Beth Din)

Halal (Halal Control)

5001 9001 14001 FSSC HALAL KLBD GPL


Our yoghurt powders are available in various packaging sizes:

25 kg sacks

1,000 kg Big Bags