Cream powder

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Cream powder

Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients' spray dried cream powder will give your products an excellent flavour. The entire product portfolio is distinguished by a white, creamy colour and unique sensory appeal.

Schwarzwaldmilch cream powder, for example, is produced from cream and skimmed milk. With a milk fat content of 42 %  to  60 % and a free fat content of up to 80 %, Schwarzwaldmilch is offering a unique product range of cream powder qualities. Typical features of our cream powder are the creamy white colour and unique sensory appeal.

Product Portfolio

Cream powder 42 % fat
Cream powder 50 % fat
Cream powder 55 % fat
Cream powder 60 % fat
Further individual qualities are available on request


All our cream powders have kosher/halal status certified by the following bodies:

Kosher (London Beth Din)

Halal (Halal Control)

5001 9001 14001 FSSC HALAL KLBD FAMI GPL




Cream powder

Our cream powders are available in various packaging sizes:


25 kg sacks

1,000 kg Big Bags