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Our skimmed milk and whole milk powders have a whole range of characteristic features. They are produced from fresh milk by spray drying, dissolve easily and give your products a fresh milk flavour.

Because further processing is so easy and because they have a well-balanced flavour, our skimmed milk and whole milk powders are ideal ingredients for a whole range of foodstuffs. These include for example chocolate, baked goods, ice cream and general food applications.

Product Portfolio

Skimmed milk powder less than 1 % fat
Whole milk powder 26 % fat
Whole milk powder with high free fat content
Further individual qualities are available on request


All our powder commodities have kosher/halal status certified by the following bodies:

Kosher (London Beth Din)

Halal (Halal Control)

5001 9001 14001 FSSC HALAL KLBD FAMI


Our commodities are available in various packaging sizes:

25 kg sacks

1,000 kg Big Bags