The three supporting pillars of our expertise

Every product is different from all the others. Every industry has its own very different characteristics. Every country has its own rules and regulations. And in addition there are always new demands and special requests for fermented dried products. Our success in the face of these many different challenges is based on our individual focus, our high degree of quality identification and our strength in innovation – the three supporting pillars of our expertise.

Individual focus

For many years, our consistent focus on the needs of our industrial customers has been our distinguishing feature. The most important thing is that our experts are always ready to listen to you. In professional discussions, at trade fairs and in personal contact we are happy to hear praise – but we also use constructive exchange for product innovation and optimisation, for your benefit.

Strength in innovation

Based on well-founded trend and market research, we have developed great strength in innovation. This means we can react quickly to new developments, proceed pro-actively and bring new products onto the market at the right time. You profit from this because your products will then be right on trend as well.

High degree of quality identification

Our Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients are a factor both important and decisive for the quality of your products. All the members of our team are very conscious of this responsibility. This is why, for all the fermented dried products, we pay attention to maximum quality down to the smallest detail - from intensive micro-biological testing of the raw material, milk, to our delivery of the final powder.

Monitored production

In our drying works in Offenburg, we produce sweet and sour milk powder products in several drying towers, as well as various non-milk-based food products. Drying in the towers is controlled by a modern process control system and monitored by the tower manager responsible. In the mixing silos, which hold several tons, homogeneous mixtures are produced from various milk powders. These are then pumped into powder silos or to filling stations. Each process is carefully monitored. People and machines, hard and software: All of these act together in perfect harmony, to ensure constant top quality in production.

Perfect packaging

If you want to test a new product, you will in the first stages only need smaller quantities of fermented dried products. When another of your products is established in the market, larger quantities of Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients are required for production. This is why we offer you customer-specific solutions with various sizes of packaging in the form of 25 kg sacks, 1,000 kg Big Bags or 25,000 kg silo trucks.