The Black Forest – our special inspiration

We are firmly rooted in the Black Forest, the Schwarzwald – which is why our home forms part of our name, Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients. The production site of Schwarzwaldmilch Dairy Ingredients is in Offenburg, which is in the Black Forest. Our milk is mainly sourced from our cooperative farms in the Black Forest and the surrounding areas in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. The agricultural landscape of the Black Forest region is distinguished by farms with an average of 30 dairy cows in surroundings of green meadow land and herb-rich mountain meadows on steep slopes: the best possible conditions for a special raw milk quality.

Schwarzwaldmilch can look back on on over 80 years of tradition. As early as the 1950s, we made our name as producers of quark, yoghurt, butter and cream cheese. Some of the 1,100 dairy farms – mainly small and medium-sized family farms – with whom we work together today have been supplying us for generations with our valuable raw material: the fresh milk of the Black Forest. Based on our expertise in producing fresh products, we began to create a new and important mainstay in the 1970s. We increasingly added animal feed and powdered foodstuffs, liquid and special foods. Since the beginning of the new millennium, we have been undergoing and devising important developments in the technical areas of drying, filtration, separation and fermentation. The main focus of our company is now definitely on milk and foodstuff drying. And yet it remains mainly fresh Black Forest milk that we use in Offenburg to produce high-quality dairy ingredients for you. The high quality of the milk and our many years of expertise in powder production: these are the special ingredients of our fermented milk powder product.

Today, we are considered throughout Germany as one of the leading dairy enterprises. Detailed information on the whole Schwarzwaldmilch company can be obtained at